We believe in lending a hand to those needing counseling…

… and that reaching out to those struggling raises us all.

… and that reaching out to those struggling raises us all.

Let’s work together to strengthen mental health care in Fort Bend County.

It’s up to us to prevent those suffering in silence from getting lost in the crowd

Stress, anxiety, depression, and mental health disorders affect the quality and length of 1 in 5 lives. Yet only a fraction of that group ever receives counseling, primarily because they cannot afford it. Not getting help, however, creates an even steeper cost to our lives, relationships, and community.

Therapy provides a path to treat mental health issues while teaching wellness skills that last a lifetime.

Counseling Paid Forward raises funds to provide low- to no-cost professional counseling by creating a financial bridge between those who need and those who can provide help.

We need you

Counseling Paid Forward is financially dependent upon donations from those who have personally benefited from counseling, have a family member, friend, or colleague with a changed life from therapy, or believe in the ability of counseling to transform lives and want to make that possible for others.

Our giving platform also provides an opportunity to thank, honor, pay tribute to, or memorialize a friend or loved one.

Every dollar donated to Counseling Paid Forward will reach those in Fort Bend County living with the pain of untreated mental and emotional health issues. And to further strengthen our mission, each donation will be matched in full by a private donor, up to $20,000 annually. Help us pay counseling forward to Fort Bend County for those in need of care today.