Our mission

Churches and community mission centers provide pastoral care, assistance with food and shelter, and a safe place for individuals and families to inquire about counseling.

They are compassionately equipped to vet financial and mental health care needs, but often lack the budget to staff or outsource care to mental health counselors.

When funds are available, however, they can partner with local community counseling centers to contract mental health care to licensed and certified counselors.

Counseling Paid Forward exists to raise and provide financial assistance to bridge the gap between qualified 501 (c)(3) nonprofits that identify individuals in Fort Bend County in need of counseling, and approved licensed and certified Christian counselors to provide the care.

We partner with selected Christian churches and benevolence organizations to receive individuals from all faiths and beliefs. 100% of every donation is applied to the cost of counseling sessions for individuals who need but cannot afford therapy.